I’m back, baby!

So, this summer hasn’t been what I would call a banner season for fitness. Between being out of town over half of the weekends, social plans during the week, volunteering obligations, moving and work being hectic, I’ve been a busy lady! All good things, of course, but not great for fitting in exercise like I’d like to. I’m not trying to make excuses – I know I need to become a morning exerciser, it’s just been a hard transition to make.

Well friends, morning exercise is a different post for a different time, because this weekend was my first in Chicago since early August, and I celebrated with a 10-miler on Saturday and a 90-minute yoga class this morning! I’m a little sore, but so happy to be back on track and feeling great. Not only does exercise make me happy and healthy overall,  but I’ve put on a couple pounds this summer that I really don’t want to become a couple more.

This might seem a little backwards, but I’m actually happy I put on a few pounds from not being as active this summer. Why? I love to see that all of the effort I put in to exercising everal days each week actually makes a difference. I love running and yoga and spinning, but I don’t think the motivation would be quite as strong without a little vanity attached. Is that wrong?

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