I’m back, baby!

So, this summer hasn’t been what I would call a banner season for fitness. Between being out of town over half of the weekends, social plans during the week, volunteering obligations, moving and work being hectic, I’ve been a busy lady! All good things, of course, but not great for fitting in exercise like I’d like to. I’m not trying to make excuses – I know I need to become a morning exerciser, it’s just been a hard transition to make.

Well friends, morning exercise is a different post for a different time, because this weekend was my first in Chicago since early August, and I celebrated with a 10-miler on Saturday and a 90-minute yoga class this morning! I’m a little sore, but so happy to be back on track and feeling great. Not only does exercise make me happy and healthy overall,  but I’ve put on a couple pounds this summer that I really don’t want to become a couple more.

This might seem a little backwards, but I’m actually happy I put on a few pounds from not being as active this summer. Why? I love to see that all of the effort I put in to exercising everal days each week actually makes a difference. I love running and yoga and spinning, but I don’t think the motivation would be quite as strong without a little vanity attached. Is that wrong?


Registering for Races is Cheaper Than Therapy… Kinda

I’ve been kind of down lately and crazy busy at my job and volunteer obligations.

Enter the Chicago Half Marathon, this past Sunday 9/9. This was my first race last year, and I was bummed I didn’t participate this year as I watched at least 6 of my friends e-cross the finish line and smash my PR (which is a slogging 2:41, so no real surprise there). When the registration blitz email came out yesterday, I zombie-clicked the link and went to register. I’ll be running the Chicago Half Marathon next year! Hopefully no one wants to get married that day or anything.

Just now, I decided it was time to really flex that credit card like the arm muscles I don’t have, and I finally registered for three races I’ve been talking about forever. First, I’ll be going to Cincinnati for The Great Pumpkin Run, a fall 5K with my sister! It’s technically timed, but seems like it’ll be a fun one where you run through fields and a corn maze. Also, it boasts ONE OF THE COOLEST TECH SHIRTS EVER and you get a pumpkin to take home. How unbloggerly of me would it be if I didn’t combine running and pumpkining?

The next week, I’ll finally be running the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago – a race I literally haven’t shut up about in two years. Should be fun, tasty and a perfect 9ish miles in chillier weather.

My birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, and what better way to celebrate than with the North Shore Turkey Trot 10K?  My sister and I ran it last year – it was a great little race and a fantastic way to start Thanksgiving. We’re working on convincing our parents (not runners) to do the 5K, and then we’ll all go to Walker Brother’s Pancake House after. I’ve been planning this since last Thanksgiving. Who says runners are Type A?