What I’m Loving Lately

I always love reading blog posts about what products, recipes and ideas bloggers are currently into, so I thought I would write a quick life update in this form. Enjoy!


For the last 25 years I’ve been walking around saying “Man, I hate cherries. Those are gross, they are the pits!” Turns out, they are not the pits and are actually awesome. Sometimes I eat them on my way home from the store and spit the pits into the bushes. I mean, no I don’t.

Long Runs
I started training for the Prairie State Half Marathon a few weeks ago and realized how much I love training and structure. Technically for me, “training and structure” means “try to get a few short runs/cross training/ strength/yoga during the week and a long run on the weekend.” I’ll admit, I’m not always great at fitting in my short runs since I love so many different kinds of exercise, but it’s nearly impossible to keep me from getting in my long run each week. For weekends I’m traveling, which happens to be the next three weekends, I have to get creative. I’m actually doing a long run tonight – I’m running north from work and will be meeting a friend for dinner in my post long run disgust/triumph.

I’ve been meaning to read these books for awhile after reading so many positive reviews. I read the first two over my vacation last week and I had a really difficult time putting them down. For those of you who haven’t read these books, stop reading this post and read them immediately. They’re YA lit, set in a dystopian world – dystopian CHICAGO to be exact. The Chicago setting was one of my favorite parts, as was the nonstop action and the love story – especially since it was not a love triangle. So refreshing!


HBO Anywhere/The Newsroom
Ah, HBO anywhere. The best gift my father has ever given me including life. In addition to rewatching Girls, I’ve been soaking up every minute of The Newsroom and I can’t get enough. Aaron Sorkin is truly a god among men. If you’re not watching this show, stop reading this post and simultaneously watch/read Divergent.


AKA “What I’m Loving Always.” Do you want to do brunch? Let’s be friends. Just don’t look at me weird when I order coffee, water AND a bloody. The heart wants what it wants. I went to Cafe 28 for a friend’s birthday on Sunday and ordered the Spinach Eggs Benedict. It was out-of-this-world delicious.

Two Brothers Domaine DuPage
My current favorite beer. Does Two Brothers produce anything that isn’t a nectar of the gods? My roommate and I went to Rocco Ranalli’s for the first time last Friday and found out you can order pitchers of DDP. Hey, I needed to carb up for my long run somehow, right?

Getting Out of Dodge
There has been so much travel this summer and I love it. Next stop: float trip in Missouri!

Catch you on the flippity flop.