What I’ve Been Up To


The past two weeks have been filled with so much fun! Last weekend I visited my old stomping grounds, Madison, WI for about 16 hours. My friend Courtney and I hung out at the Terrace and Great Dane Friday night and had scones at Lazy Jane’s for breakfast. Of course, no trip to Madison is complete without Babcock ice cream, so I made sure to snag some Orange Custard Chocolate Chip before getting on the Megabus to Minneapolis. Amazing.

After my short visit to Madison, I went to Minneapolis to visit my HS friend Laura. She had a party Saturday night with lots of vegan goodies including Chocolate Avocado muffins – I need to get the recipe! We also ran the Minneapolis Color Run, which was definitely a fun experience! It was technically my first 5K (my first race ever was a half marathon) but since it was untimed and HOT we actually did some walking.


I’m excited and thrilled it is already the weekend again – looking forward to my favorite hot yoga class, the Farmer’s Market, a beach day, and a possible soccer game at Wrigley!

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