Moving & Hummus Stuffed Mushrooms

Lesson Learned: Do not start a cleanse when you have a sinus infection. I stopped “cleansing” on Tuesday night, roughly 40 or so hours after my cleanse began. I didn’t regret trying it (or quitting early), I just decided since I don’t eat very much processed food, meat, dairy, etc. as it is, it wasn’t going to e enough to shock my system. Also, my sinus infection meant a headache was inevitable. Maybe I’ll try again sometime because it did help me to reframe how I think about food and I’ve started to be more realistic about portion sizes again.

Moved! My roommate and I moved to a new 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago. It has a great kitchen and porch, we each have our own full bathrooms and it has IN-UNIT LAUNDRY. City girl dream come true. We’ve been in the new place for 5 days and are slowly getting settled and absolutely loving it.

Hummus Stuffed Mushrooms: I recently started loving mushrooms, having grown up hating them for the first 25.5 years of my life. Caitlin posted this recipe for them a few weeks ago and I mentally bookmarked it to try it out. The result? Loved it. Super simple but tasted so decadent!

I’m so excited for this weekend – I have sushi dinner plans tonight and then plan to spend tomorrow and Sunday finishing up the apartment, farmer’s market shopping, getting my yoga on and a possible pedicure. My mom is coming on Sunday for dinner and a kayak tour. Can’t wait!

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