Another City Girl Dream Comes True

You guys. City Target is open. And its BEAUTIFUL.

City Target
So so pretty.

I stepped in yesterday following a grad school info session over at DePaul and got so excited. Also, there is a Pret there so I treated myself to a delicious Farmer’s Market Salad and iced coffee for lunch. Totally perfect.

Yesterday was pretty go-go-go overall – from a full day of work with a lunch interlude over at DePaul to a quick 30-minute workout in the office gym to trying to de-sweat enough to go to Girls on the Run at Piece to meeting up with some of my smartypants friends who finished taking the bar, I’m pretty tired today. I made my first stop at Starbucks, conveniently/dangerously located right by my bus stop for iced coffee and the spinach/feta wrap. Can we talk about amazing and unappreciated that wrap is? I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday when I’m not stuffing my face with sushi or guacamole. Is there a restaurant that exclusively serves those items? I’m starting it. We can call it Guac & Roll. Actually, that’s genius. Don’t steal it from me now that it is all over the interwebs.


I’m running the Prairie State Half Marathon!

… but first I’m going to learn to spell. I keep typing in “praire” because apparently I think it looks cooler.

I’ve been mulling this one over for awhile but finally bit the credit card bullet today. I love this race for so many reasons:

  • Fall running/racing is my favorite
  • It starts and ends in my hometown (yay, staying with Mom & Dad!)
  • It’s entirely run on trails and through forest preserves
  • It is totally different than the other two major races I’ve done. Chicago Half and Soldier Field 10 Miler, I loved you, but I’m excited to not be running with as many people this time around. On that note,
  • It’s small. Half is limited to 1,000 runners and full is limited to 2,000.
  • Oh yeah, and there is a full marathon going on at the same time. For some reason I LOVE that and it makes me feel more legit, even if I am doing half the distance they’re doing.

I’m so excited to get back into training and really just happy with the slightly impulsive choice I made in the Monday morning haze today.


What I’ve Been Up To


The past two weeks have been filled with so much fun! Last weekend I visited my old stomping grounds, Madison, WI for about 16 hours. My friend Courtney and I hung out at the Terrace and Great Dane Friday night and had scones at Lazy Jane’s for breakfast. Of course, no trip to Madison is complete without Babcock ice cream, so I made sure to snag some Orange Custard Chocolate Chip before getting on the Megabus to Minneapolis. Amazing.

After my short visit to Madison, I went to Minneapolis to visit my HS friend Laura. She had a party Saturday night with lots of vegan goodies including Chocolate Avocado muffins – I need to get the recipe! We also ran the Minneapolis Color Run, which was definitely a fun experience! It was technically my first 5K (my first race ever was a half marathon) but since it was untimed and HOT we actually did some walking.


I’m excited and thrilled it is already the weekend again – looking forward to my favorite hot yoga class, the Farmer’s Market, a beach day, and a possible soccer game at Wrigley!

Moving & Hummus Stuffed Mushrooms

Lesson Learned: Do not start a cleanse when you have a sinus infection. I stopped “cleansing” on Tuesday night, roughly 40 or so hours after my cleanse began. I didn’t regret trying it (or quitting early), I just decided since I don’t eat very much processed food, meat, dairy, etc. as it is, it wasn’t going to e enough to shock my system. Also, my sinus infection meant a headache was inevitable. Maybe I’ll try again sometime because it did help me to reframe how I think about food and I’ve started to be more realistic about portion sizes again.

Moved! My roommate and I moved to a new 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago. It has a great kitchen and porch, we each have our own full bathrooms and it has IN-UNIT LAUNDRY. City girl dream come true. We’ve been in the new place for 5 days and are slowly getting settled and absolutely loving it.

Hummus Stuffed Mushrooms: I recently started loving mushrooms, having grown up hating them for the first 25.5 years of my life. Caitlin posted this recipe for them a few weeks ago and I mentally bookmarked it to try it out. The result? Loved it. Super simple but tasted so decadent!

I’m so excited for this weekend – I have sushi dinner plans tonight and then plan to spend tomorrow and Sunday finishing up the apartment, farmer’s market shopping, getting my yoga on and a possible pedicure. My mom is coming on Sunday for dinner and a kayak tour. Can’t wait!